About Moi

I’m dreadful at describing myself, mostly due to the fact that I learn something new about myself nearly every day. So instead of writing some deeply analyzed version of myself, I’ll give a quick summary of who I am at the moment:

1) I am ridiculously curious. Anything strange or historical (or both on most occasions) and I’m there with a cuppa ready to take it all in.
2) I love cats. My cat is the best. I’m sorry about your cat. Maybe in the next life he’ll be better, but I doubt it.
3) My interests are as vast as the ocean, so there really won’t be much of a theme here. Be prepared for anything.
4) I don’t like odd numbers, so I had to make a #4 just to avoid an asymmetrical list.

And there you have it. Me in a very, very vague nutshell. Want to know more about who I am? Well, so do I. Ta!


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