First Week in Wilmington

It has been an incredibly long time since I’ve last updated this thing, and I’d like to apologize for my very small amount of followers.

Moving to a new state takes a lot out of a person. I’ve been pretty busy since arriving here in Wilmington, NC last Friday. A lot has gone on in just a week!

Mark and I set out around midnight last Thursday. Being 3rd shifters, driving at night was no big deal. I was mostly just concerned with us getting tired once we encountered the monotony of the highway. We drove straight through the night, and surprisingly our cat took the ride very well. He mostly just rode on my lap or by my feet the entire time, but once we hit the morning traffic near Wilmington he began to get a little stressed. By the time we made it to our new place, my clothes, Mark’s and my car all had a nice layer of fur.

Since arriving in Wilmington I’ve seen the ocean 3 times and have successfully turned my face a lovely shade of lobster. However, the salt and sun have done wonders for my hair— it’s lighter and waiver than ever, and yet I really couldn’t care less because I wake up every day with the perfect example of beach waves. I’ve only ingested about 10 gallons of sea water and been annihilated by 3 or so waves, so I don’t think I’m doing too bad for a newbie.

I’ve also seen the historic district a couple times, which includes a scenic river walk, lots of boats, quaint little restaurants and some very artful crafts and some very tasty foods. The other day we took a trip to Greenfield Lake where I saw some of the prettiest trees I’ve ever seen in my life. I also fed some turtles and laughed at a very ugly duck. Haha.

I’ve managed to land 2 job interviews for house cleaning positions. I’ll hopefully be taking the one with the perfect hours (8:30a – 1p), and Mark has gotten into a pizza shop. We’re not rolling in cash, but it’s enough to get us established. Meanwhile we’ve been living off a steady diet of toast, cereal and powdered milk. I do what I can in the ways of coffee, but I’ll definitely be needing to invest in a reusable filter for my Keurig. (Spoiled much?)

Overall, my short time here in Wilmington has already been life-changing and it’s only been a week. I’m overwhelmed, but it’s in a good way! I’m also planning on taking the first steps towards securing a career for myself, but I don’t have many details as of now, so I’ll disclose that all in a future post.

Until then, take care!